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Yolo County

Yolo County


Founded: November 9, 1982
Offices: 3
Employees: 20


A fundamental part of Yolo County is Raley Field, which was built in 2000 on the riverfront to bring a Triple-A baseball team from Canada to West Sacramento, known as the River Cats. Placer Title Company facilitated this complex sale, which resulted in the seamless close on a 45 million dollar transaction; this included participation from six different owners in multiple locations and all the legalities that a transaction of this size entails.


In the fall of 1982, PTC opened in Yolo County. It was our company's 3rd county operation. Our predecessor in Yolo was Home and Land Title in Woodland. Leo was contacted by Gary Houser who'd been running the struggling company for the owner. The owner had offered to sell Gary the company and Gary needed Leo and PTC as a partner. Leo says that almost from the beginning Yolo was a profitable operation.

Now—fast-forward to 2003, Gary leaves PTC; to retire. Gary's retirement lasts about an hour and a half when he and many of the Yolo employees open a new title company a few blocks away. A bizarre turn of events which prompted Leo to quip—Here we are, Solo... So Low—In Yolo. Into the breach stepped our man Nathan Blatnick, who, along with several PTC kids from surrounding operations and a few of the Yolo originals, began the task of rebuilding their county.

Now—fast-forward to the present... Nate and his crew—some old, some new—are no longer solo and anything but So Low! They are the top shelf title company in Yolo County. They are profitable; their market share is strong and growing; and they have earned the support of the county's best and most productive customers. They have done this the PTC way—supporting each other and their customers.

As an aside to the history of PTC Yolo, Leo told us this story of those early days:
Not long before we closed the deal to buy Home and Land the Department of Insurance conducted an investigation of the little company. An investigator was sent to Home and Land in Woodland, where she camped out damn near every day for weeks on end. She was not trying to help—just trying to find a good enough reason to close their doors. Gary and his CTO at the time, Byron McConnell, got their hands on a life-size blowup doll, inflated her and left her in a closet to be discovered by anyone who might be snooping around. Needless to say, when discovered, the doll startled the hell out of the investigator and Gary and Byron to the laugh they were after. Those were the days!

About Yolo County

Yolo County was one of the original 27 counties created when California became a state in 1850. The eastern two-thirds of the County consists of nearly level alluvial fans, flat plains, and basins, while the western third is largely composed of rolling terraces and steep uplands used for dry-farmed grain and range. Consequently, agriculture is Yolo County's primary industry. The 661,760 acres create a home to over 200,000 people, with nearly 85% of the population living in the County's four cities (Davis, West Sacramento, Woodland, and Winters). Placer Title Company has offices in Woodland, Davis and West Sacramento, with our Title Plant also in Woodland, giving us the keen ability to service all surrounding areas of Yolo County. Placer Title Company expanded into the Yolo County area in 1982 and has been an integral part of commercial and residential real estate ever since. Nathan Blatnick, Yolo County Division President, is proud to lead his team of seasoned professionals.
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